New International Law

New International Law

I have spent the last five years teaching International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Civil-Military Relations and Political Philosophy for the Defense and Staff College in Sofia, Europe.  I was traveling and lived in many European countries being a daughter of a diplomat and developed a particular interest in cultural studies, international law, international relations and European history. I am married and have no children. I speak four languages (Bulgarian, English, French, and Russian). During my scholarly years I participated in many international projects related to research and education and was a research fellow for the United States Institute for Peace on Civil-Military Relations Curriculum Development. I elaborated a Reference Curriculum on Civil-Military Relations, related with the goals and working activities of Curriculum Development Working Group, Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes in Geneva, Switzerland. Was involved in developing scientific and research collaboration with the Office of Education Technology and Outreach, National Defense University /USA/ on a multinational co-operation project – “Professional Military Education:  Partnering Opportunities for Transforming Cooperative Security.”Worked on “Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict – a Challenge in Peace Support Operations” international project, that contributed for the advance of human sciences in the professional military education in Europe. Among my topics is “Morality in contemporary warfare” as subject of political philosophy, ethics and international law. I examine the most essential questions of politics, those at the core of domestic and international relations. In a situation where intellectuals proliferate visions reaching from the end of history to a clash of civilizations and the frictions between globalization and fragmentation, the understanding of foundational ideas of particular theories and philosophers does not only form an important part of one’s fundamental knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, but also provides a foundation for an adequate judgment in present and future political matters. My Research Prospectus is on “International Law, Ethics and Civil-Military Relations”. The research work will result in some insightful solutions regarding future legal, political and ethical arrangements of international affairs.  My observations will advance the idea that combating terrorism will represent a major dimension in security affairs during this new century.  A specific challenge to any democratic state arises from the fact that individuals or groups with the potential to do evil will have to be fought without discarding the principles of humanity embodied in contemporary social and legal order.  Nevertheless, the postulate of abiding by humanitarian principles must stand on equal terms with the requirement to wage an efficient and effective war against international terrorism.  In pursuing this course, the international community must find a pathway to unity of its approach to primary thoughts and actions.  At the center of an effective fight against terrorism, the following challenge will have to be met; how can the inter-cultural relativism of fundamental values be overcome without destroying intra-cultural diversity and independence?I cannot see any other possibility than to find a consensus on fundamental values based upon the leading norms of Western-European culture.  If the major powers join their efforts, a process could be launched, leading to the implementation of a moral, supranational (supra-cultural, supra-religious) social contract, providing for an internationally acknowledged, minimal institution of ethical orientation.  My prior studies reveal that the process of ‘Globalization’ would become the binding union in ethical terms for humanity across all boundaries of culture, politics and religion and will provide a base for future arrangements in international affairs.Despite all the frightening problems of our time, we have unprecedented chances to achieve a further enlargement of our freedom. 



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